Seascape Saturday

My favorite place to be Just look at that blue! [Belize pictured above... Turneffe Atolls a starfish and a starfish lubber] So today my boyfriend and I did our first 2 open water dives at Crusty's Quarry near Volant, Pennsylvania for PADI certification. Two more to go! I'm comfortable in the water snorkeling, but diving [...]

Connections with the Earth

Me chillin' with fish friends So it's no secret that I love the water/ocean/sea/lake/puddles... lol, whatever. I've done more reflecting on it lately, and I think it's because I feel some sort of deeper spiritual connection or fulfillment when I'm near the ocean. I feel it sometimes in the forest, or when a hummingbird came [...]

Swimming While on Molokai

If you're staying on Molokai (Hawaii), where can you swim/snorkel [safely] from the beach? Featured image is Papahaku... mind the rocks. This depends on a lot of different factors, mainly what level of swimmer you are, if you're used to ocean swimming and are comfortable in the ocean, and what time of year it is. [...]