Anxiety During the Holidays

Today was just one of those days that I tried really hard. Lifted. Went on a walk because it was gorgeous out. And my anxiety was still very, very bad most of the day. I made it through seeing my two clients but overall my anxiety just ended up being unbearable. I'm tired of my [...]

Wellness Update

As I've been reflecting on my new instructor teaching journey, I really don't think I've been putting my sanity first as hard as I've tried. Next week is the final week of the 5 week sexuality class I'm teaching and I'm sicker than a dog and I never get sick. I feel achey. Feverish. Head [...]

Therapists Receiving Therapy

I am a firm believef that good therapists receive their own therapy to become more and more self-aware and to never stop growing/pushing their growing edge. My own therapy started many years ago at a very bad time in my life when I thought my anxiety was going to take over and I would have [...]

Wellness Wednesday: Trauma Responses Are No Joke

When trauma responses are activated they can look different based on the individual; however, broadly, they likely include the following: intrusive thoughts, unpleasant bodily sensations, heightened emotions, hyperarousal (fight or flight). Oftentimes if trauma has been a part of your life, you may be living pretty consistently in a state of hyperarousal, which can be [...]

Wellness Wednesday 

I'm so messed up I didn't even realize it was Wednesday until now.     I'm sitting in the parking lot of my university listening to The National before  having to be around people for the next 7 hours. The thought is just exhausting and I'm seriously considering just going home after the meetings I absolutely [...]

Anticipatory Anxiety, What a Joy

On the eve of my final semester of classes for my doctorate program, er ... It's not even evening yet. It's the afternoon. Anyway, I'm already plagued with a right chest and worried about making a fool of myself and already thinking that I'm doing something wrong or forgot to do something or will be [...]

Hello Anxiety, My Old Friend.

Anxiety: Abstract drowning, with your head just below the surface... but you can't lift it to breathe. Most people say that they had no idea that I struggle[d] with anxiety, looking at me now. I'm in a PhD program, an addictions counselor who runs therapy groups with people who are sometimes [understandably] not so happy, [...]

Wellness Wednesday

Today I had a bunch of ideas about what topic to write about... shame, trauma, sleep... but I am choosing connection/relationships for this week because connecting with others has been.... has always been ... rather difficult for me. I recall when I was younger in elementary school feeling like I was uninterested in the majority [...]

Anxiety Dream Analysis

Soooo my anxiety inevitably affects my dreams. Thursday night into Friday I stayed up until 3 am working on converting the references in a book chapter I helped write from APA to Chicago Style. Not the most fun task, but it had to be done. That night I had a very vivid dream, which hasn't [...]

High Functioning Anxiety 7

I haven't been doing very well. I think that having to be "on" most days, doing groups, teaching, being in class, etc, is all just taking a toll on me. I knew this semester would be trying, but I didn't realize how assaulted I would feel. It has been hard for me to get out [...]