Seascape Saturday

  When I know that the sea is in my future everything seems more manageable. I create space. I let myself take up space, be seen, as the sea sees me. Part of yet whole.               Like what you see? Consider tipping me a coffee! Here. 

Seascape Saturday

  If you know how to look, You can find beauty in simplicity Even in the most remote of places.   And for your viewing pleasure, here are some lovely feesh from the Turneffe Atolls.         Like what you see? Consider tipping me a coffee! Here. 

Jamaica Vacation 2017 and Safety in Jamaica

My boyfriend and I recently took a trip to Jamaica (April 11-April 16) and for the most part it was absolutely wonderful, but there are some things that I have learned and want to share beyond my normal travel tips and reviews, but let us begin with the positive. We booked our airport to hotel [...]

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Before embarking on a month long journey to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji in the summer for 2016 (June-July) via the Collette tour company, I expected to be captivated by the Great Barrier Reef, which I was. However, I naively did not expect that I would absolutely fall in love with the south island of [...]