Seascape Saturday

  There are many wonders to behold And worlds to discover Underneath the surface. Beings that are different from you May appear strange, frightening even. But from a curious stance you'll find Most beings and forms of life Are curious about you too. Many embrace the sunlight Draw energy from it Grow. Glow. Just as [...]

Blogust 7: Watkins Glen, Ny

 A pandemic doesn't stop the travel bug from biting me... recently my partner and I drove up from Pittsburgh to Watkins Glen, New York, particularly for the hiking around the Finger Lakes. What a lovely area! We stayed at the Gorgeous View Motel, which was a very affordable option and just what we were looking [...]

Seascape Saturday

  A moment's pause can provide just enough clarity to allow your truths to surface. The world may appear dull grey but when the sun illuminates richness unfolds magic happens authenticity prevails.   Like what you see? Consider tipping me a coffee here. And many thanks if you do.   Much love to you. Natalie

Seascape Saturday

Resistance Causes pain Because we try to change what we can't control. If you let life wash over you, Accepting events and people how they are And stay present in the flow Your higher self will be accessible to you As a guide. Let currents take you. You don't always have a choice And you [...]

Quarantine Day 19

Sun permeates trees, invitingĀ Spring awakens dormant rootsLet it fill your lungs and spiritWith hope Lazy day today, though I did go on a walk and did a minimal amount of work. Fighting against cabin fever is so much easier when you can go outside and actually feel the sun warming your skin. I was fortunate [...]

Quarantine Day 11

Today was weird. It wasn't until after 1 pm that I looked up anything about the virus. I kind of feel guilty about that in a way? But I also think it was good for my mental health. I was working to transition my master's counseling course this semester to an online format, engaging with [...]