My relationship with nature

I find it odd how some people feel entitled to land. How can you claim to own something like that? The more I think about it the more absurd it seems. Owning land. Like owning a living thing, a soul, a being, owning something that sustains you no less. What a western human concept, reminiscent [...]

Iceland Adventure Day 3

This morning I went to get myself some hot tea and noticed sugar cubes wrapped in thin paper. I was so exhausted from traveling, jet lag, and getting up early that I forgot my anxiety and made a comment about how cute they were next to the hot water. A woman with an English accent [...]

Iceland Adventure Day 2

Grad school and "real life" have prevented me from fully processing my Iceland adventure as of late... Anyway, on day two of our adventure my friend and I woke early to eat breakfast with our new friend Petula. I was surprised to see warm beans served at breakfast as well as some assorted cold meat [...]