Neurodivergent Well-being

I didn’t blog every day in August, so maybe I’ll try the last month of 2022. Greetings. I’m alive. Sort of. In some ways this year has been the best and the worst. I’ve done so much that I’ve wanted to do but have had some hard realizations … including that the world is not [...]

A Memory

A memory popped up on my facebook today from 2016. I took a selfie in a bathroom mirror at a university after presenting at a conference. I drove from Pittsburgh to southern Illinois to present on my thesis by myself. It's been interesting reflecting on just how close I was to dropping out of undergrad [...]

The myth about managing time

So I'm reading Make Time for Your Life by Cheryl Richardson, which was recommended to me by a very good friend of mine who also happens to be a fellow writer and nature lover. I've found this book immensely helpful so far other than some of the misguided comments Cheryl makes about therapists (she's a [...]

Quote of the Day

For all mourning may be transformed into joy if you have endurance enough to make the journey. If Women Rose Rooted - Sharon Blackie This books is resonating with me so much. I’ll have to try to articulate that in a future post. But I have found this quote to be true for me. I’ve [...]