Publishing Creative Writing

Another rejection... yay? I don't know how many fellow writer friends I have on here, but man the publishing game is brutal. I have just a couple poems and flash fiction pieces published, some in print, some online... but I gotta say it just doesn't get easier, does it? Like, you submit your baby to [...]

A lot can happen in a day

I found out a manuscript I submitted was rejected by yet ANOTHER journal, but I also got the notification that my dissertation chair has approved my chapters 1-3 to be sent out to the rest of my committee. YAY. Progress. I might actually be done earlier than I thought. I swam 50 laps at the [...]

Wellness Wednesday: Your Love Style

This isn't the love languages, but I recently started reading How We Love and have found it enormously helpful thus far. It has helped me figure out my patterns of relating to people (formed in childhood) and how they have caused havoc in some of my friendships/relationships, some more than others. To anyone who has dated me, [...]