College Student Loneliness and Wellness amidst COVID

COVID has changed everyone’s life in some way. The college experience looks a lot different and presumably lonelier for our emerging adults. If you are a college student between the ages of 18 and 25 (grad school too), please consider taking this survey about loneliness and wellness, the results will aid helping professionals, like counselors, [...]

One BIG tip for dissertation

I received a compliment from my mentor the other day. He said that when talking with his other colleague my name came up and they both agreed that they enjoyed working with me/helping me along in my dissertation process ... because I do the work. Perplexed, I kind of didn't understand at first because... well, [...]

“Wellness” During Dissertation

I'm starting to believe that there may not be such a thing, that undertaking such a task is in and of itself "crazy" and unhealthy. It certainly feels that way at times, no matter how invested I am in my education and my dissertation topic and no matter how hard a worker I am and [...]

Disability and Sexuality Research

  Greetings everyone, As part of my research at Duquesne University, my team and I are investigating disability and sexuality. If you are between the ages of 18 and 30, and have a disability of any kind (inclusive of autism, ADHD, and mental health disabilities) and feel comfortable taking an anonymous online survey about sexuality [...]

Wellness Wednesday

Dissertation is a pretty lonely process, because no matter how many great mentors you have, obviously, the bulk of the work falls on you. It's hard to turn over all of your work to your committee chair and be ready for feedback. I set the date for myself of September 1st... On September 1st I [...]

Wellness Wednesday: The Isolation of the Dissertation Writer

I've been really sick and just now getting back into the swing of things regarding my dissertation. It is moving along. I have a solid committee, and I'm feeling overwhelmed but good about the process and the progress I've made. One thing no one told me about how it would be, though, is how lonely [...]

Wellness Wednesday: Anxiety and Irreparable Mistakes

Hello internet. I am not feeling very well at the moment. I didn't think that I was stretching myself too thin, but maybe I am. I don't know. After this week hopefully things will even out a bit and I'll just have the one class I'm teaching and dissertation to worry about. I never thought [...]