Blogust 15: What We Lose When We Seek Praise

Rereading The Schopenhauer Cure by Yalom has reinforced a lot of important things for me. The one that comes to mind today is that when we seek approval from others, whether parents, friends, lovers, love interests, etc... we lose sight of who we are because we often are or consider changing ourselves for the approval [...]

Blogust 13

The idea that one's essential being will ultimately be reunited with some vague, ethereal universal life force offers me zero comfort. If there is no persistence of consciousness, what possible solace could I draw from that? My thoughts exactly. Even in my self-loathing I've grown rather attached to myself... the essence of me. My consciousness, [...]

The Schopenhauer Cure – Irvin D. Yalom

Book review, some spoilers ... ish. This book chronicles how one therapist (Julius) near the end of his life seeks to ascertain whether he has been helpful to his clients. One client sticks out in his mind: Philip. So Julius contacts him and arranges a meeting. Philip is an unlikable character, pompous and unfeeling … [...]