Seascape Saturday

I know many of us need an escape--and what better way to do that than get a glimpse into another world... that's actually part of our own?     Please find the adorable little crabs 🙂   Like what you see on this blog? Consider tipping me a coffee here and thank you if you [...]

High Functioning Anxiety 10

I spent all of last week in Belize and took this photo at sea. Swimming is one of the few activities that usually calms and grounds me back into my body. Being completely present and not dissociated can be uncomfortable for me, I have a heightened startle response, I find people and things overwhelming. It's [...]

Jamaica Vacation 2017 and Safety in Jamaica

My boyfriend and I recently took a trip to Jamaica (April 11-April 16) and for the most part it was absolutely wonderful, but there are some things that I have learned and want to share beyond my normal travel tips and reviews, but let us begin with the positive. We booked our airport to hotel [...]