Blogust 28


Blogust 25

Walked about ten miles today. Exhausted, but happy. The weather was beautiful. I'm not looking forward to all my upcoming work this week but that's ok. I needed to give myself this weekend to be outside. Much needed. Things will get done in time. It'll be ok. And I start teaching a new class this [...]

I can’t sleep

I've been getting back in touch with myself and it's a good thing. It has involved changing how I dress, act, speak, wear my makeup--- everything. so as to be more authentic. I know there's a time to be professional but I'm becoming much more comfortable expressing myself and not hiding who I really am--- [...]

Blogust 9

About to go to a demolition derby. Things are moving along with my dissertation process. I'm trying not to get ahead of myself and have faith that I'll actually graduate and get a job. A mentor of mine sent me words of encouragement today, which was so appreciated. She said to enjoy where I'm at [...]