Was really feelin' myself today. it's rare I do the Insta story. Lol. Still sassy though.

When you’re tired but still fabulous

Some days I'm tired. Soul tired. But healing is a process, even for therapists. And sometimes being helpful in sessions actually energizes me, despite being an introvert. Lol. Who knew? Bulldogs always energize me. This is Mr Pickles. Much love from us both.

Selfie time

Because I feel like it. I've been expressing myself so much more through my makeup and dress lately. I really do feel like I've broken through so many of my comfort zone layers in 2019 and it has been so liberating. When you grow up with chaos and tension you often feel like you don't [...]

I can’t sleep

I've been getting back in touch with myself and it's a good thing. It has involved changing how I dress, act, speak, wear my makeup--- everything. so as to be more authentic. I know there's a time to be professional but I'm becoming much more comfortable expressing myself and not hiding who I really am--- [...]