A Mentor’s Death

On one of my recent trips, I flew through Miami International Airport. I had been through, or more like ran through, it some weeks ago, but this time I had a longer layover. Many folks were still masked in the terminals. While I was walking around to find coffee and grub with my travel companion [...]

Quote of the Day

For all mourning may be transformed into joy if you have endurance enough to make the journey. If Women Rose Rooted - Sharon Blackie This books is resonating with me so much. I’ll have to try to articulate that in a future post. But I have found this quote to be true for me. I’ve [...]

Quote of the day

The endless self-improvement project, fueled by self-loathing and foiled by the realities of the human condition, has only reinforced the illusion that you are separate from your Source. Mirabai Starr The pressure to be a certain way. Look a certain way. Perform. Produce. Consume. All under the guise of “living your best life,” it’s not [...]

Connections with the Earth

Me chillin' with fish friends So it's no secret that I love the water/ocean/sea/lake/puddles... lol, whatever. I've done more reflecting on it lately, and I think it's because I feel some sort of deeper spiritual connection or fulfillment when I'm near the ocean. I feel it sometimes in the forest, or when a hummingbird came [...]

Blogust 13

The idea that one's essential being will ultimately be reunited with some vague, ethereal universal life force offers me zero comfort. If there is no persistence of consciousness, what possible solace could I draw from that? My thoughts exactly. Even in my self-loathing I've grown rather attached to myself... the essence of me. My consciousness, [...]