Happy Thanksgiving

I’m trying to have myself some peace today so I’m forgoing a discussion about the problematic history of this US holiday. Forgive me for that and let me tell you that I’m grateful to be done with grading and this entire semester. It’s 55 degrees F here today and I went on a lovely walk. [...]

Stephen King – On Writing – Review

To say that this book [re]inspired me to write would be an understatement. I've been on the verge of a new creative journey for a while (a novel, I think, at last), and this work has been instrumental to that end. I think it helped me to realize that the "writer's club" isn't some snooty [...]

Locate the fossil

Knowing the story wasn't necessary for me to begin work. I had located the fossil; the rest, I knew, would consist of careful excavation. -Stephen King, On Writing This is wonderful and helpful. Sometimes I get so caught up on having everything outlined and figured out that I don't trust the process. If my idea [...]