American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Suicide prevention is a major concern for me, as three students have completed suicide at the university where I teach in just this year alone. If you yourself have struggled or have watched someone struggle with mental illness, you know how very real the danger can become. If you've lost someone to suicide, there are [...]

Blogust 22

I can't believe I've remembered to blog every day this month so far, even if it has been just a picture. I think after my dissertation proposal is submitted I may make a supplemental YouTube video to my more in depth, content heavy, blog posts. Today I was pretty productive but got burnt out around [...]

Blogust 10

Worked for an hour on my dissertation today and that's all I could muster. But that's ok. I'm going to a great restaurant tonight and likely swimming tomorrow. Things will get done when they're supposed to get done and I'm not killing myself over it. I know my anxiety can get to dangerous levels. And [...]