I’ve absolutely had it today

As if teaching online isn't anxiety-inducing enough. My Internet was cutting in and out so I couldn't even lecture properly or have the discussions along the way that I wanted to. Thank God the Internet worked for the first bit while we were discussing articles. My anxiety is usually so well under control and managed, [...]

Wellness Wednesday

I certainly haven't been feeling very well. I'm not able to really strike a balance with anything in my life it seems. I feel like in order for me to do a good job at one thing, something else has to suffer--whether that's neglecting personal projects, sleep, exercising, eating correctly... more often than not I [...]

Wellness Wednesday: Getting Over Tech Phobia

As I am prepping for class tonight I'm just reflecting on how far I have come with trying new things in teaching and counseling... and trying to allow myself to make mistakes and pick myself back up and just be like: "Whelp... that didn't work, won't do that again." Or, "Okay, this is how I [...]