A Memory

A memory popped up on my facebook today from 2016. I took a selfie in a bathroom mirror at a university after presenting at a conference. I drove from Pittsburgh to southern Illinois to present on my thesis by myself. It's been interesting reflecting on just how close I was to dropping out of undergrad [...]

The myth about managing time

So I'm reading Make Time for Your Life by Cheryl Richardson, which was recommended to me by a very good friend of mine who also happens to be a fellow writer and nature lover. I've found this book immensely helpful so far other than some of the misguided comments Cheryl makes about therapists (she's a [...]

Vacation to Molokai, the Basics of Planning [Know Before You Go]

In case you haven't guessed it, the vacations I tend to take aren't necessarily your typical relaxation vacations. I don't waste my time or money going to a beach where the only thing you can do is get a tan. I can do that just fine in Pennsylvania during the summer, thank you very much. [...]

Blogust 15: What We Lose When We Seek Praise

Rereading The Schopenhauer Cure by Yalom has reinforced a lot of important things for me. The one that comes to mind today is that when we seek approval from others, whether parents, friends, lovers, love interests, etc... we lose sight of who we are because we often are or consider changing ourselves for the approval [...]

Blogust 7: Watkins Glen, Ny

 A pandemic doesn't stop the travel bug from biting me... recently my partner and I drove up from Pittsburgh to Watkins Glen, New York, particularly for the hiking around the Finger Lakes. What a lovely area! We stayed at the Gorgeous View Motel, which was a very affordable option and just what we were looking [...]