If you have anxiety, the world isn’t set up for you.

It’s a harsh reality. And I’m reminded of it often, even though my anxiety is tremendously more manageable and tame than it used to me. Right now it feels like a crotchety old house cat that gets agitated from time to time but usually is settled by a few scrtiches and pats … when it [...]

STOP Saying Talk Therapy Doesn’t Work

Photo by Adonyi Gu00e1bor on Pexels.com Y'all. I'm fired up. Fired. Up. I recently read an Instagram post by someone I respect talking about how talk therapy doesn't work to treat trauma. Does everyone need therapy/counseling to work through trauma? No. But. Talk therapy, generally speaking, means mental health professionals talking with clients to work [...]

I think I need to uninstall Instagram

So I follow a bunch of sea/ocean inspired pages on the app. Obviously. But now whenever I open up the app all I see are these horrific graphic gory images of the dolphins being killed on those Faroe Islands. It’s so fucking awful. I’m so overwhelmed. Maybe it’s being a mental health professional so I [...]

Language and Trauma

Typically “little t traumas” don’t entail severe physical injury or near death experiences, but they nonetheless can wreak havoc on peoples lives. Being bullied. Having relationships end. Financial stressors. Can all be traumatic. I talk in this short video about my thoughts concerning the language used to describe different types of trauma, and what I [...]

Mental Load

I recently had a conversation with a friend about carrying the mental load in any connection with another person: romantic connections, friendships and working relationships. What do I mean by mental load ? Let me illustrate. Do you ever feel like the secretary in your friend group or colleague group? Meaning If there’s a meeting, [...]