Seascape Saturday

It may say something about me That where I happen to feel the most comfortable And accepted Is where I can't breathe without assistance [And maybe the possible danger is appealing to me too] It takes a certain level of surrender and trust And acceptance That anything could happen But you can learn so much [...]

Swimming While on Molokai

If you're staying on Molokai (Hawaii), where can you swim/snorkel [safely] from the beach? Featured image is Papahaku... mind the rocks. This depends on a lot of different factors, mainly what level of swimmer you are, if you're used to ocean swimming and are comfortable in the ocean, and what time of year it is. [...]

Vacation to Molokai, the Basics of Planning [Know Before You Go]

In case you haven't guessed it, the vacations I tend to take aren't necessarily your typical relaxation vacations. I don't waste my time or money going to a beach where the only thing you can do is get a tan. I can do that just fine in Pennsylvania during the summer, thank you very much. [...]

Seascape Saturday

Sea cradles all inhabitants does not hide its compassion nor fury nor power. It's pure presence emotion flux fluidity. Its lesson is that change is constant suffering dissipates joy is transient but you can honor the experience of it all in constant flow. I don't think I've ever been more grateful for being able to [...]