Creative Writing

Seriously, sometimes I feel like it's the bane of my existence. It calls to me and then when I actually find time to do it, my muse has fucked off somewhere lol. It's horrendous. I've been looking at different options in terms of taking undergrad courses or even entering into an MFA program but it's [...]

Today is just one of those days I suppose

I have made a commitment not to do any work on Sundays and have kept it. I try to write creatively, read, paint, and incorporate movement into my day. Today I went on a walk in the sun, spent time with my boyfriend, spent some time trying to work on some creative writing projects, and [...]

Your Signature

Cleaning my room I came across your signature Claiming a coloring book. Claiming me. There was a time I would have held on Felt sentimental Unable to part with such an artifact Instead of acknowledging Deceit Manipulation How I likely wouldn't have lost myself as far if it weren't for you. Straight in the trash [...]

Seascape Saturday

Light plays, splatters Sea's constant flux Paints energy tendrils Friends come to say hello. I took this picture in the DR right before the worst bout of food poisoning I've ever had in my life >_< Anyway! I'm obsessed with these light patterns. Always have been. They make me feel so calm and peaceful and [...]

I Became Your Therapist

Pro Bono Because I was too nice I’m easy to talk to (and take advantage of). But I’ve realized how valuable my time is As of late And I confessed feeling used Even after you confessed your love Unrequited Unfounded. You never even asked if I were seeing anybody Too caught up in the moment [...]

Seascape Saturday

Hidden world backdrop of blue cradled in serenity you can be too. I won't lie... this semester as a new professor has been rough. I've been wanting to start my YouTube Channel and just haven't had the time to devote to it that I would like. I really want to start trying to make weekly [...]

Seascape Saturday

  A moment's pause can provide just enough clarity to allow your truths to surface. The world may appear dull grey but when the sun illuminates richness unfolds magic happens authenticity prevails.   Like what you see? Consider tipping me a coffee here. And many thanks if you do.   Much love to you. Natalie