Language and Trauma

Typically “little t traumas” don’t entail severe physical injury or near death experiences, but they nonetheless can wreak havoc on peoples lives. Being bullied. Having relationships end. Financial stressors. Can all be traumatic. I talk in this short video about my thoughts concerning the language used to describe different types of trauma, and what I [...]

I spent much of yesterday in the sun

You can see a clip of my day and some quick reflections here. I felt so grateful that I was compelled to make a video, which surprised me actually. I was so at peace yesterday in the sun in between my meetings and providing counseling that my back didn’t hurt from stress. I felt fully [...]

Logan Paul’s Aokigahara Forest Youtube Video

I'll be the first to say that I think it's wonderful that people can supplement their income by doing something they love on YouTube, or even make a career out of making videos. Good for them. But more recently I have become increasingly aware of the gimmicky, click-baity, do-anything-for-views people... and it has been concerning. [...]