3 thoughts on “Seascape Saturday

  1. πŸ˜„. A friend and myself once tandem-kayaked out to an island off a beach near Hong Kong which looked the same distance and size as that. He told me he’d either done it before or done a similar thing before. Anyway it took ages and of course was further than it looked! We got there relieved and a random guy out fishing just casually pulled up in his little motor boat, lol.

    Then we had to go back and again it just took ages, but I didn’t stop because I just wanted to get back.

    Perfect type of scenario where two people are just casually winging it and get themselves into trouble and lost at sea! Luckily we didn’t. Then again my knee problems make me fatalistic and given the opportunity to exercise without using my legs…I have to take it. My friend is a chronic bullshitter though too πŸ˜†.

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