A Memory

A memory popped up on my facebook today from 2016. I took a selfie in a bathroom mirror at a university after presenting at a conference. I drove from Pittsburgh to southern Illinois to present on my thesis by myself. It's been interesting reflecting on just how close I was to dropping out of undergrad [...]

Update/Free Write

I don't believe I've ever tried to so hard to heal myself. I can feel it in my body. I know what it needs, better food, more water, more movement... but also something deeper that I can only get without isolating myself. And that's to be really seen. Witnessed. In the fullness of myself. Getting [...]

Yesterday was my last teaching day of the semester, and I wasn’t feeling well. I had an unexpected break and decided to treat myself to some Thai food before teaching at six. I don’t remember the last time I really went to eat somewhere alone so I was kind of nervous about feeling out of [...]