It’s crazy having multiple dance coaches invested in my success and crazy to have real friends who seem to be too. I feel like I’m out of hibernation or waking up for the first time in years or something. It has been wild.

Seascape Saturday

A midnight parrot fish amongst friends. I'd never seen the blue and black beauty before. Knowing that in some places sea life still flourishes, sustains me. And as I get older I cherish my time at the sea more and more. Nothing is guaranteed. Nothing is given. Every day is different, especially at sea.

Dancing and Connection

For people who say they don't like to dance... I don't comprehend. "Dancing" can incite fear in folks and I don't understand why. Maybe it's preconceived notions about what dancing actually is. Movement, of any kind, can be considered dancing. Pretty much everyone moves... swaying to a song or even to the wind I consider [...]

I cannot believe this year is almost over. What a whirlwind. And if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that you cannot wait to do what you want to do. No one is coming to save you. Save yourself. And. Getting what you want will always produce new challenges to take your growth to the next [...]