“Seascape” Saturday

Because I was on the water today I thought I would make this gem count. I haven't paddle boarded before, and I actually was able to stand up for a lot of the time. I thought it would be good practice especially for (likely) trying to surf in the near future. The water in some [...]

Seascape Saturday

Sea cradles all inhabitants does not hide its compassion nor fury nor power. It's pure presence emotion flux fluidity. Its lesson is that change is constant suffering dissipates joy is transient but you can honor the experience of it all in constant flow. I don't think I've ever been more grateful for being able to [...]

Harry Potter and the Half Blood🩸 Prince – Review

Finally finished this one. Time got away from me during the semester as usual. Wow. This one may be my favorite of the series, though everyone seems to like the third one. The Half Blood Prince is pretty dark though. I found the last parts where Dumbledore drank that green liquid and his subsequent demise [...]