A Memory

A memory popped up on my facebook today from 2016. I took a selfie in a bathroom mirror at a university after presenting at a conference. I drove from Pittsburgh to southern Illinois to present on my thesis by myself. It's been interesting reflecting on just how close I was to dropping out of undergrad [...]

STOP Saying Talk Therapy Doesn’t Work

Photo by Adonyi Gu00e1bor on Pexels.com Y'all. I'm fired up. Fired. Up. I recently read an Instagram post by someone I respect talking about how talk therapy doesn't work to treat trauma. Does everyone need therapy/counseling to work through trauma? No. But. Talk therapy, generally speaking, means mental health professionals talking with clients to work [...]

I think I need to uninstall Instagram

So I follow a bunch of sea/ocean inspired pages on the app. Obviously. But now whenever I open up the app all I see are these horrific graphic gory images of the dolphins being killed on those Faroe Islands. It’s so fucking awful. I’m so overwhelmed. Maybe it’s being a mental health professional so I [...]