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Another rejection… yay?

I don’t know how many fellow writer friends I have on here, but man the publishing game is brutal. I have just a couple poems and flash fiction pieces published, some in print, some online… but I gotta say it just doesn’t get easier, does it?

Like, you submit your baby to be read by someone you might not know at all, thinking that it could potentially find a nice home in their publication, only to get a cold, un-personalized “thanks but no” email 4 months later with no feedback whatsoever? It’s just… exhausting.

You spend your time researching, reading lit magazines, thinking that your story could fit somewhere only to be like NOPE! You were wrong. But were you though? I don’t really get it.

I’m just so used to it at this point it doesn’t really deter me from trying, it just sucks spending so much time and effort trying to find the seemingly perfect place only to get turned down again and again.

I did start a creative writing course online this summer “write fiction like a pro.” It’s been pretty helpful getting me started, because I’ve always wanted to write novels and larger works, but it’s still discouraging as hell getting that short story rejection email in the midst of it. Sigh.

Maybe I’ll just hold on to that story for a while. I did think it was in good shape though. I just don’t have the energy at the moment to try to find it another potential home.

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18 thoughts on “Publishing Creative Writing

  1. Have you ever read Stephen King’s On Writing? The thing that stood out for me in that was how many rejection letters he got before getting the first short story published. It is difficult to say the least.

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  2. Publishing to the literary magazines are insanely hard . Its all hard. I feel the same way you do. One thing I get tired of is all the classes and books that is suppose to teach a person how to write well. I read the Stephen King books years ago . Took what I needed from it But at this point in my life after about 10 years of college writing courses and workshops I figure it just all boils down to just pure luck . Being at the right place at the right time. I don’t know. What do you think?

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    1. It certainly seems like pure luck, doesn’t it? I spend time reading a few of the short stories in a lit mag, and consider mine to be on par, only to be told no over and over. It’s exhausting. And then to not even get ANY feedback?! It’s like if you took the time to read it, couldn’t you give me a couples notes? Like… come on. I’m thinking it does have to be luck and I just haven’t had much of it. lol.

      Thanks so much for your comment.

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  3. So interesting that you said all that. That is the reason why I don’t submit is because of all that. I am not fit for the let down. My goal is to gather all of my work and shove it into a book one day. Even if no one ever reads it, it will feel like a success to see it all bound in one.

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  4. A better option to me seems to be self-publishing and self-marketing. Plus a much less stressful and more satisfying option! Have you considered it?

    I would never have the patience to try the old-fashioned route, so I commend you for your efforts! And part of the reason of that is I completely agree on how much of this is based on luck and arbitrary whims, in-group mentality etc. This is a truth common to any kind of popularisation I’ve noticed. Once a thing becomes popular, it becomes more popular because it just is. It’s a very superficial game. You’re counting on the fickle nature of human behaviours.

    That’s why I’ve loved discovering peoples’ writing on wordpress. It’s more original than any other writing I’ve come across.

    I once began a writing course. I did the first assignment which was an account of a real-life experience I had, and got amazing feedback. Then my grandma told me I didn’t need to do a creative writing course, and that completely vanished my motivation for it lol. I’ve always had a goal of writing novels, too. I’ve seen multiple times in multiple areas that there’s a lot of value in non-conventional approaches :).

    Anyway, just describing my own experiences/perspectives here, not to say that you should adopt any of it!

    Keep writing anyway ๐Ÿ˜„. Yours is one of my favourite blogs.

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  5. I’ve definitely thought about self-publishing. I need to learn more about it. I’m so easily intimidated lol. I do also worry that with self-publishing you need, like, a huge following already? Maybe that’s not the case.

    I totally agree with you on feeling like it’s a popularity contest. It feels like I’m not part of the cool kids lunch table or something even if I feel like I’m just as cool. lol

    It’s funny…. what you shared about the writing course. I had a similar experience. I was going to major in English in college and then realized that you don’t really have to do that to write creatively. So I switched to Psych. I just feel like I haven’t “broken in” to that creative writing field yet even though I’m trying. It’s neat that you have the goal of writing novels too ๐Ÿ™‚

    I appreciate your insight! We tend to think similarly on a lot of things. Go figure ๐Ÿ™‚

    And also I so appreciate the encouragement. I’m glad you like my blog, today was a rough day and I really needed to hear something like that.

    – Nat


  6. So many people have your dream (or similar aspirations) and never even work at it, the dream stays locked in their head – encased in a crust of fear. Honor where you are! Persistence is all you need, it might as well be magic. You will get where you need to go. Each rejection you receive is like a chisel and hammer strike that hews your writing life into shape, into reality.
    You are growing.
    It’s tough to work so hard and feel like you are not receiving anything for it but every cultivated word you conjure makes you better and eventually will carry you where you want to be. We need more creativity in this world, we need more and more. The more you create the more the world grows brighter.
    I hope you cherish your courage and see that each “no” is a stepping stone to a big, BIG, “YES” in your future. Stay strong, sincere and be proud.

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