Seascape Saturday


Check out some of my very favorite blue spotted feesh. These blue beauties are absolutely stunning when the light hits them.

Truth be told, I am sad that I won’t be able to go to Belize in May as scheduled… but I absolutely understand and respect the reason. I know I’ll likely get to go to the sea again at some point, so I’m using this time to reflect.

The sea reminds me that I’m small,

But still part of.

In some ways I can’t help but think that the current situation with the virus is the Earth’s way of telling us that we’re killing it. It’s the Earth’s way of forcing us to pause, as if she’s saying: Look… I need you to stop. Be more conscious.

But there’s pain in being conscious isn’t there? Because you will have to acknowledge the wrongdoing and harm you might have done to another, might have done to the Earth. So many people would rather remain unconscious, leave the emotional work and problem solving to others. Too many of us have been doing that for TOO LONG. Right before the world shut down, My mom and I started using reusable straws at restaurants… yes, carrying them in a plastic zip lock bag, but we’re reusing the straws and keeping the same bag. We have to start from somewhere.


To be clear, I am not in any way suggesting that plastic use led to the virus, but I am saying that the virus seems to present everyone with a collective opportunity to become more conscious. Conscious of the Earth and how we affect it, and conscious of each other and how we affect the people we surround.

I for one have totally been a fast fashion consumer in the past, hoarding clothes that I don’t use and contributing to that whole issue and toll on the Earth as well as human labor in other countries. I’m trying to stop that now.

As for being more conscious toward other people in my life, I think I’ve been doing a better job with that. I try to recognize when my trauma response is activated that might be contributing to how I am perceiving a situation. I don’t think it poses as much of an issue currently as it has in the past, but it still rears its head from time to time.

Minimizing the virus and how devastating and terrifying it is, is so NOT what I am trying to do in this post. I am trying to suggest that we use it as a collective opportunity to do better… because the alternative likely is a much darker place of accepting defeat and the more base qualities of humans, and I don’t want to go there. I’d like to think that this situation will make us all more grateful and more kind. Let’s hope so.


Much Love



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