An Old Friend

Today is one of those days that I repeat to myself how weird my life feels. It’s hard to explain to other people who haven’t moved around a lot… that feeling of so many different threads in your life, different paths you could have taken, different friends you’ve made and lost contact with, being torn in different directions, feeling like you belong nowhere and everywhere at once. I don’t expect people to understand. I don’t expect people from my past to remember me, but it’s always a nice welcome feeling when they do.

I met with an old childhood friend today that I haven’t seen in… 20 or more years? We played tag with other neighborhood kids, and were in a few of the same elementary school classes. It’s nice to feel some sort of continuity when your life feels like chaos. It’s nice to reconnect with someone who has experienced some of the same people and places that you have.

And it’s nice when people remember you, even after you’ve had so many different.. and actually a lot of similar life experiences.

Sidebar, click here to read my thoughts about new years resolutions versus following a practice of reflection. Good stuff.


Much love

~*~ Natalie ~*~

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