Blogust 7

Wow and how things can change is less than 24 hours. With a lot of different things added on my plate and feeling the time crunch, I’m overwhelmed. Ok, but overwhelmed.

Also, I received my first (I think) rejection of conference proposal, which was sort of surprising, but not really given that I didn’t have the support that I wanted working on it. Well, it’s one less conference I have to prep and pay for, for this year. I already have 2… potentially four… waiting to hear back from another. That is too much. I think I’m going to really limit my proposals from now on anyway, but still try to have at least one or two per year. Sigh. Oh academia.

I really do feel like I would have been much more personally offended literally just a year ago than I am now. It’s kind of just like, ok, one more no in a sea of nos that you can in academia. You just learn to move on and focus your attention on other things. You have to.  Plus, I think with teaching a new class this fall, a new job, dissertation and everything… I’ll have plenty to do. I’ll try to stay balanced.


And then of course there’s other more personal things weighing on my mind. It’s funny how different you can feel one day to the next, like if you compared the music I was listening to today versus yesterday, it’s just insanity.

I feel supported by most of the people around me professionally. My mentors I wouldn’t change for the world, but I have absolutely no idea how they balance everything. Some days I feel like I’m fine, others, like today, I just feel like I accomplished nothing. But maybe that’s normal. I don’t know.

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