Midnight Musings

I really have to stop taking responsibility for trying to fix other people’s behavior that I didn’t like or don’t agree with. It’s not all on me to mend connections or potential connections with people. And putting energy into people who wouldn’t do the same for you is damaging and depleting. My time is valuable and I’m just now starting to realize how valuable at 30 years old.

I want to stop feeling the need to explain myself or why I don’t like something. If I’m misunderstood I want to get to the point where I don’t feel the desire to correct it. People will form opinions and think what they will.

You keep a lot of secrets and I keep none. Wish I could go back and keep some.

Not everyone deserves to be close to me. And I do wish I could get some information back that I’ve shared as well as some time I invested in people who didn’t do the same. Not everyone deserves to know the real me. And that’s ok. I’m getting better at discernment. I’m ok with my circle growing smaller.

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