Last month of the year

This year has been insane in a lot of ways. I’ve grown so much personally and professionally. My circle has thinned and I’m ok with almost all of those changes. Sometimes when you’re an intense person like I am you can’t stand surface level connection or friendships. I keep people who offer me shallow connection at an acquaintance distance. It actually drains my energy more to try to keep things shallow.

Right now I’m lying in a hotel room bed trying to relax because I am going to present tomorrow in front of about 70 people. I’ve practiced. I’ll practice again. But at some point I think I’ll just have to go for it. I feel good about this presentation because it’s with my mentor and I trust him. If I don’t trust the people I present with I have a hard time and feel off. I’m so glad that isn’t the case with this presentation. It also helps that he is an expert in forensic work so I won’t have to answer any questions I’m not comfortable answering. I think this will be my biggest presentation yet and I hope I don’t blow it because I love forensic work and don’t want to let my mentor down.

I think this semester will be down hill from here. Just got to get through tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have a triumphant post tomorrow evening. Maybe I’ll try to calm myself down by reading the Yalom book I brought. I might get to meet him at a conference in April so that’s exciting. If I make it through tomorrow. lol

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